LiFePO4 battery 3.2V 2Ah 6.4Wh

LED lighting battery LiFePO4 battery pack lithium rechargeable battery 3.2V 2Ah 6.4Wh 18500 1000mAh 3.2V cell solar light solutions

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Product discription: LiFePO4 battery 3.2V 2Ah 6.4Wh
Application solution: LED light /portable lamp
Cell model:  3.2V3.2Wh 1000mAh 18500
Electrical Configuration:  1S2P
Mechanical configuration F2*1
Nominal voltage:  3.2V
Nominal capacity:  2000mAh
Internal resistance: RSS≤60mΩ (singel cell)
Charge Voltage:  3.65V
Charge Current:  0.8A
Constant Discharge Current: 0.8A
Peak Discharge Current: 2A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2V
Dimension:  L40*W20*T55mm
Weight: about(80±0.05)G
Certifications:  UL,BIS, IEC, UN38.3,RoHS,REACH
Cycle Life:  >1000 cycles by IEC standard
Operation temp. ▼
Standard Charge:
Standard Discharge: -20℃~70℃
Quick Charge: 10℃~60℃
Quick Discharge: -10℃~70℃
Cell body temperature is not over 80℃
wire & connector: UL1007 24#,170±5mm; SMR-2P male and female connector
Case: /

Storage performance Items 1 month 3 months 6 months
Capacity retention rate ≥95% ≥90% ≥85%
Capacity recovery rate ≥97% ≥93% ≥90%
Stored cell with 50% SOC at an ambient temperature 25℃.
Capacity recovery ≥98.5% ≥95% ≥93%
Proposed to charge/discharge cell one time per 6 months, if it needs to store for long time.